16 jul. 2010

My Top 5 Montsant wines (red)

Do you like wine? If you like it and think of Spanish red wine you probably think of Rioja and Ribera del Duero and maybe you are also aware of Priorat. But, have you heard of Montsant wines? Less known abroad than Priorat but grown in a neighbouring area, Montsant wines have been a local success in the recent years. In the Montsant area wine has been grown over the centuries but it was recently that a younger, more ambitious generation took over the old wineries and developed a more sophisticated product using the traditional grapes (carinyena and garnatxa mainly) but not excluding more posh grapes such as cabernet sauvignon. If you have to buy wine or you must choose a bottle in a restaurant, have a look at Montsant red wines and their excellent quality-price relation.

My Top 5 Montsant wines

  • MAS COLLET NEGRE, a red-wine made of grape varieties:  cabernet sauvignon, carignan, grenache, and tempranillo in Celler de Capçanes (95/100 for 2010)
  • DIDO, a red-wine made of cabernet sauvignon, and grenache, merlot by Venus La Universal (92/100 for 2009)
  • VENUS, this red-wine is made with carignan, grenache, syrah by Venus La Universal (94/100 for 2009)
  • PERLAT is a red-wine made of grape varieties: carignan, grenache, and syrah in Cellers Unió (87/100 for 2009)
  • ETIM NEGRE, red-wine made of carignan, grenache, and syrah by  Cooperativa Falset Marçà (91/100 for 2009)

 In this website, you will find more information on Montsant wines: http://www.domontsant.com/en/page/wines


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