10 oct. 2013


With a growing number of people who visits Barcelona and stays in an apartment rather than in a hotel, choosing the right place to buy can make a difference. Barcelona has plenty of supermarkets and small convenience stores in every corner, except maybe for the old town where convenience stores have taken over the place. Obviously, quality and price varies hugely from discount supermarkets (such as Dia) to classy “gourmet stores”.
A Bonpreu store in Carrer Verdi (Gràcia)

In my neighborhood (near Sagrada Familia), there is almost a store from each important supermarket chain and plenty of small convenience stores. Most of them can also be found all over Barcelona. In my ranking, the best places to buy are.


It is a middle range supermarket, with all the top brands plus their own brand products. They have also a good choice of local products including ready to eat food (fideuà, croquetes) and good local wines (they usually have Les Sorts, a very affordable – and good - red wine). It is a good choice if you want to try some local specialties “at home”. They have also some vegetarian products.

In fact, it is a franchise, so the range of products available depends on the size of the store. They usually have a better selection in vegetarian products than common supermarkets, including their own brand products. They have also ecologic wine. I strongly recommend to try Petit Albet red-wine, a tasty, very moderately priced local wine.


A Caprabo in Gràcia
There are many “Caprabos”. Some big ones and some small ones. Some very well kept. Others seem to need more care. But their offer covers all the basics (plus some extras, depending on the size of the store) at affordable prices.

It is a convenience store so prices are high. They sell a wide variety of products. It is a good choice when all the other supermarkets are closed and you don’t trust the hygiene of smaller convenience stores.


They mostly sell their own brand products, which are ok. It is not the place to look for fancy wines or gourmet products but will keep the bill down and let you buy all the basics.

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