4 abr. 2014

BORN - LA RIBERA: Have a burguer in Carrer del Rec in PIM PAM BURGUER

If you are strolling in El Born and you are hungry, you have different options to have a bite. One of them was already mentioned in a previous entry: LA PARADETA. It is just behind Born Centre Cultural, it is fish, it is ok, but maybe you would like just a plain, quick hamburguer. Then, there is a small place very near Carrer del Rec where burguers are huge, tasty and well-priced: PIM PAM BURGUER. 

PIM PAM BURGUER is ok. They place is small and sometimes very crowded, but burguers are ok, they have vegetarian options and fries are home made. Not many places around can offer this quality at these prices (and that's why it can be very crowded on Friday - Saturday night).

Here is a map were you can locate them and here is their web page (only in Spanish, I am afraid).

They have also a shop in Carrer del Rec where they sell good take-away food and they have some stools to eat in.

Ouh! and they are open 13 to 1 every day!

By the way, does your Barcelona guide explain that Carrer del Rec is named after the water channel that ran in this street long ago? That water channel was the key factor that attracted many mills and workshops to this quarter. The area was a vibrant, industrial zone before it was demolished after the defeat in 1714. After many years as a poor, forgotten quarter in the center of the city, now the streets are recovering its dynamism. This time there are no mills, but tourists. Still, it is a charming quarter, full of interesting places.

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