13 may. 2014

BAR VELODROMO: Eating in Barcelona from 6 to 3 am

Some days ago, I was having coffee at Velódromo when the waitress commented on their opening times. Then I realised Velódromo is open and serves food at times when all Barcelona
seems to be sleeping. That is worth bearing in mind. It is not so easy to find a nice place, serving good food so late in the night (or early in the morning) in Barcelona. My informant says that if you go there near to its opening time, you can join the handsome night people in having a bite before going to sleep. According to him, they are people working in the surrounding clubs. My informant also says that Velódromo is a traditional bar recovered by Moritz when everybody feared it will be closed. It is lucky that we still have it. 

I don’t think Velódromo is on the classic tourist routes, but if your hotel is nearby or you happen to be strolling in the area, drop by and see. (I think Barcelona City Tour busses have a stop nearby, so if you are a user of this service …)

VELÓDROMO is in Carrer Muntaner 213 very near Av. Diagonal and is open 6 to 3 am, Monday to Sunday. 

Prices vary greatly on what you plan to eat. The place is not cheap, but you have the possibility to choose moderately priced dishes and keep the budget under control, while having tasty food. 

Here is another site’s comment on the place: http://www.bcnrestaurantes.com/barcelona.asp?restaurante=bar-velodromo

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