9 jun. 2014


If there is a fetish food to Spanish people, that is JAMÓN and, among the different varieties of JAMÓN, the king is JAMÓN DE JABUGO. So, if you want to learn about the culture of Spain, you
The bar in Jamon Experience: you don't have to take the tour to enjoy it
have to learn about Jamón.

For a foreigner, it may not be easy to tell the difference between Jamón varieties. You see that prices range from very affordable to incredibly expensive. Why? It is just a matter of the shop where I am buying the product?

Well, no. There is more science in the matter than that. Different pig species, breed systems, maturation of the meat and, even the way Jamón is cut have an influence on the quality (and price) of the product you are eating.

All this is explained in the tour of JAMÓN EXPERIENCE. For about 20 euros, the tour includes a detailed explanation, plus a taste of six different kinds of Jamón with a glass of cava, wine or beer. You may check for more details at their website: www.jamonexperience.com

From our point of view, it is even more interesting to visit their bar overlooking Las Ramblas. They are almost in front of La Boqueria and the bar is an outstanding balcony to see people going up and down the avenue while having a decent drink with some excellent food. Prices are quite acceptable for the area. Say you have a coca (flat bread) with Jamón ibérico de bellota: that is 5,90 euros. Add some olives (2,9 euros) and a glass of red wine (1,50 euros). Where in Las Ramblas would you find that quality at that price?  

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