1 feb 2016


At last!

Metro de Barcelona has announced that in a few days the underground service will connect the El Prat Airport to Barcelona.

In spite of the different options to get to the airport that already exist, connection with Metro it’s been very awaited for.

Connection times may not seem faster than existing options but bear in mind that Bus and Taxi are often delayed by traffic jams. Taxi – on its side – is readily available but expensive. And train connection is discouraging, because of the bad commuting options in El Prat.

In conclusion, we will be very happy when the underground service is available. Will keep you informed!

In the meantime, here is some information on How to get to the BarcelonaAirport

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  1. Just keep us informed and in the meantime, let us know when exactly the underground service will be available for transportation! Thank you in advance! Best regards,
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    1. Excuse me, Paul! The connection to the Airport with the underground line L9 is available since February this year. I have not tried it myself yet but, for what I have been told, it is convenient but slower than expected, probably because it covers a large area of the southeast area surrounding Barcelona before getting to the airport.

      The ticket is more expensive that the plain underground/bus ticket but it is still quite cheap. And if you use a T-10 card, you just have to pay an addition as you get to the airport.

      All considered I think it may be a good option. In particular for those days where heavy traffic is expected.

      In this link of the public transportation organization (TMB), you will find further information: http://www.tmb.cat/en/l9-sud