18 feb. 2014


Today I was having lunch at CAN MAÑO, and I thought it was worth mencioning the place in this blog. It is a small, simple restaurant. The common "bar" we used to have in every corner. Now these
bars are becoming extinct, in favour of more modern options: gastro pubs, gourment hamburgueserías, tapas de luxe, ... places that claim to be "authentic" but are in fact 100% focused to tourists. That is why CAN MAÑO is worth mentioning: because it resists. Nor its furniture, or the food they serve, or the waiters have yet adapted to the tourism flooding that is quickly killing what La Barceloneta was once upon a time.

Well, let's focus on food. CAN MAÑO strenghts lie on fried fish: fresh, local, well priced. In our case today: one plate sardinas plancha, one plate molls, one plate mairas, bread, one bottle white wine, side dish of fried aubergines and green peppers, one bottle water plus one cortado. It was more than enough for two people. All for 28€. When you think in terms of quality, it is a fair price.

If you are in La Barceloneta, it is really a place where you should go. They are open from 8 am if you feel like having a earthy breakfast.

c/Baluard 12 (very near to the market square)

I didn't dare take photos myself, but you can find a nice choice in these sites:

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