21 feb. 2014

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - Restaurants near Plaza España (Barcelona)

Picture of Plaza España by Yurivane89 in Wikimedia Commons
Photo License Creative Commons
The Mobile World Congress 2014 will take place 24 – 27 February 2014 in Barcelona. The venue of the MWC is in Fira Gran Via with good connection to Fira Montjuïc, near Plaza España, a place where I don’t normally go to eat. If I go there, it’s usually to visit CaixaForum, MNAC or the Van der Rohe pavilion. 

I can not make any suggestions for Fira Gran Via, I am afraid. Still, I think I can make a few suggestions in the surrounding of Fira Montjuïc. 

First suggestion: avoid the upper floor restaurants at the Arenas Shopping Center. These are just a trap for tourist. If you want to see the view, go and have a beer but try not to eat. If you feel you have to eat there, there are some fast-food restaurants in the underground floor such as UDON, which are ok.

Second suggestion and last (for now), if you want to eat in a posh place and have a view, remember Restaurant VISUAL offers both. It is in the upper floor of Hotel Torre Catalunya in Plaça de Sants, just a few minutes from the MWC venue.

Restaurant Visual website

P.S. This post included a suggestion to visit RAFI, a small family-owned restaurant, which offered the best cous-cous in town. Unfortunately, Rafi and his husband - Mohammed - retired and the restaurant has changed hands, philosophy and menu. What can we say? It is a pity! Rafi / Mohammed: If you ever read this, thank you for the pleasure your food and tea has provided us. Now we regret not having eaten there more often! 

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